Thursday, April 16, 2009

Webinars Do Its Part To Save The Planet

A webinar is the online version of how traditional seminars are held. At the comfort of one's own home, participants can attend online sessions for professional development or personal growth with just the use of a PC (with Internet connection) and a headset with microphone. Attendees listen to the speaker, view his/her presentation, take part in polls and ask questions all in real-time. Participants no longer have to stress themselves with what to wear, transportation costs and the ever so frustrating Philippine traffic conditions.

But how can webinars be helpful to our planet? Since attendees do not have to physically get to a venue, there is no need for car owners to consume fuel. They then do their part in the effort to conserve valuable energy resources. Consequently, smoke emissions that contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer is minimized as there is no need for them to start the car engine at all.

Imagine a jam-packed auditorium of 500 or so attendees but the venue is a virtual auditorium. That’s 500-less cars on the road contributing to traffic, fuel consumption and pollution. Now imagine a time when all seminars will be done online. The positive impact on our environment would be exponential. Imagine that...